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                              A wiki for students studying WJEC GCSE Mathematics 


                                          In GCSE there are two tiers:

                                                 Foundation - Where students can achieve grades C–G,

                                                Higher Tier     -  Where students can achieve grades A* - D



On this webpage we display some Past papers just make sure you pick the correct tier for you!




                                 C if you can get that D grade up to a C grade







Thinking of A level? then visit www.mathsathawthorn.pbwiki.com for a taste of things to come!



                                                              Purpose of a wiki


The purpose of a wiki is collaboration between a student and a teacher. We would like to see people working together working to make this page as informative as possible.


You can help by creating pages on certain topics, or putting helpful websites on the side bar , or uploading past papers from the WJEC website.



                Remember this wiki will not grow if you won't collaborate!



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Steph Richards said

at 11:46 am on Mar 25, 2013

Nice work!

Jarrad Jones said

at 2:29 pm on Mar 25, 2013

Thanks, I think we need to set this out differently its all jumbled how could we do that?

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